Halachos of Opening Packages On Shabbos

Halachos of Opening Packages On Shabbos

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With Illustrations

- What's the best way to open a soda bottle on Shabbos?
- Are disposable containers really considered a kli?
- Can I give my children juice boxes and potato chips for Shabbos party?
- What are the halachic concerns about opening mail?
- Are Shabbos and Yorn Tov different?
- What should I do if an expensive package arrives in the mail?

The answers to these questions are but a small sampling of the topics discussed in Rabbi Menachem M. Abramson's comprehensive work, Halachos of Opening Packages on Shabbos. This is the first English work to give a thorough treatment of every relevant halacha, so that the reader can understand the background of the halachic issues in question. With its detailed analysis of the many types of packaging encountered in our daily lives, accompanied by clear illustrations, this book sheds light on a topic that many find hazy and confusing. Rabbi Abramson has carefully researched the theoretical and practical aspects of these halachos, and consulted with many prominent Poskim regarding the ramifications and conclusions contained within.

By Rabbi Menachem M. Abramson