Wanderings Of A Coin Comic Story

Wanderings Of A Coin Comic Story

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The financial crisis strikes the world of commerce mercilessly. Wealthy merchants and established businesses find it difficult to function and to navigate the stormy waters. But in the heart of the storm, the Marbach Bank stands steady. The bank, lead by a young, promising Jewish banker, has huge cash reserves and is therefore in no danger. The future looks rosy - until the bold robbery, following which the banker falls ill and, after a short time, leaves his young wife a widow and his baby son Aharon an orphan...

The widow's life is not easy. Used to a pampered life, she is now forced to work hard in order to amke a living - yet she raises her son as a loyal Jew who is prepared to sacrifice much for the sake of his Jewish values.

Over time, their faith is tested many times, and they always emerge as victors.

One day, Aharon, who works as a peddler, comes to a distant village. From that minute, he is persecuted by the wealthiest man in the village - a suspicious sort who doesn't rest until Aharon is locked up, accused of serious crimes. The story gains momentum, lifting the reader to the heights of suspense, until the surprising end!

- Why does Johann Palmer hate Aharon from the minute he sees him?

Why does Aharon give the village woman a large discount, and what does he gain as a result?

- How ancient is the silver coin found in the mill's yard, and how did it get there?

The story before you is another wonderful literary creation from esteemed author Tzvi Aryeh Adler, who has written many best-sellers. Another fascinating, educational book that will be read with bated breath from cover to cover!

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9" x 12.25"
Pages: 68
Language: English
Wanderings of a Coin Comic Story [Hardcover]
By: Tzvi Aryeh Adler
Illustrated by: Adi Katz