Timeless Tales: Yamim Nora'im Comics

Timeless Tales: Yamim Nora'im Comics

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Yamim Nora'im Comics

You've all heard a lot about the importance of the Yamim Nora'im.

Now we'd like to invite you on an exciting journey, like no other trip you've ever taken before...

Fly on the wings of your imagination to a small village from days gone by.

Join Yanky and his friends as they meet fascinating characters from the tales of his wise Zeidy Ephraim.

Each story is an adventure and a Yamim Nora'im lesson - all wrapped up in a colorful comic.

Gather round to receive a delightful and meaningful gift from Zeidy Ephraim.

Timeless Tales. Stories that keep kids coming back for more!

By M. Safra