The Impossible Jews

The Impossible Jews

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The Impossible Jews

Perceptive non-Jews have seen how the Jews seem to defy the laws of history. All the great civilizations have come and gone, but the Jews, even with their ups and downs, are still here.

We have collected these non-Jewish insights about Jews and have given answers to their underlying question: what is the secret of the Jews’ immortality?

Mark Twain asked a simple question:

“What is the secret of the Jew’s immortality?”

None of the great civilizations of ancient times are still around. But, somehow, the ancient Jews and their distinctive way of life are still here.


This book shows that many other non-Jews also recognized this unusual phenomenon and the specialness of the Jewish people. In other words, it is a question that every intelligent human being should be asking and getting clear and cogent answers.

This book presents the classic answers to the question and then provides a novel one never heard before.

It also explains, for the first time ever, a profound variation of the rationale for anti- Semitism.

The Jews are impossible for the very reason that the whole world depends on their survival. But why? Now, you the reader will find out the secret to an anomaly that has baffled so many.

Enjoy this mind-opening and life-enlightening experience. You will be a different person when you grasp the message of this book.

If you don’t have an answer to this very basic question, then this book is for you.