Team Taryag 2: The Mystery of The Missing Amulet

Team Taryag 2: The Mystery of The Missing Amulet

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Tanchum, Reuvi, Yisrael, and Gadi are best friends. They're ordinary kids in every way. Except that extraordinary things always happen to them.

On a trip to the desert, their van gets a flat tire. But even that big

problem is soon the least of their worries… Yisrael and Gadi were deeply absorbed in the treasure they'd found when they felt the huge sack they were in shudder and shake.


Help! Gadi cried. What's going on here?

The top of the sack was now pinched together by the crane. The sunlight disappeared.

What are we going to do? Gadi wailed.

Someone closed the sack on us! How did he know we were in here?

Maybe he didn't know, Yisrael suggested. Maybe it was a mistake.

If it's a mistake, and no one knows we're inside, then what's to prevent him from dumping the sack at a genizah burial site? We'll be buried alive! Gadi shrieked.

First off, I suggest we try to figure out how to get out of this bag.

The truck started to move… Their innocent curiosity turns into a roller coaster adventure Taryag will never forget.

It all began centuries ago in far-off Yemen-and turned into an action-packed mystery involving Judaica thieves, port workers, sacred amulets, and, of course, Team Taryag!


  • Who is eavesdropping on Taryag's conversations?
  • Who is the old beggar lady sitting at Platform 5 at the Port of Ashdod?
  • Why was an ancient treasure hidden behind a brick wall?
  • And where does Zadok the gabbai fit in with all this?

Join Team Taryag in The Mystery of the Missing Amulet, which also includes dozens of stories from the Sages, parables, and astonishing Midrashim. Are you ready?

Taryag to the end! Ein od Milvado!