Secret Restaurant Recipes From the World's Top Kosher Restaurants

Secret Restaurant Recipes From the World's Top Kosher Restaurants

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The finest restaurants. The most talented chefs. The most delicious food. All in your kitchen.

Discover the secrets of the world's best kosher chefs.

Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek authors of the bestselling Made Easy cookbook series, explored the kitchens of restaurants from Miami to Manhattan, from LA to London. Here are recipes, tips, techniques, and cooking secrets from today s most acclaimed kosher chefs.

Adapted by Leah and Victoria for home use, these recipes range from sophisticated and elegant to downhome delicious, from ultra-modern to beautifully traditional, all using accessible ingredients.

Ready for something new? Try Chef Jeff Nathan's Popcorn Chicken, a specialty of Abigael's, in New York. Savor Zeppoli Doughnuts from California's Tierra Sur and enjoy a taste of Jerusalem with salad ideas from the famed Café Rimon and Red Heifer bistros, and many more.

As in all their books, Leah and Victoria come with you into the kitchen to chat and share their personal tips. You will enjoy reading through the techniques and advice of the leading chefs in the best restaurants of the kosher world.

You can experience the cuisine of top restaurants and never have to wait for a table!

  • Dozens of family-friendly recipes for any day of the week
  • Secret techniques & cooking tips direct from the chefs
  • Exquisite full-color photos for every dish
  • Complete menus for your special occasions and holidays

  • Recreate the recipes of... The Prime Grill, New York City Soyo, London Trattoria Haba, Jerusalem Pizza Pita, Montreal Café Rimon, Jerusalem My Most Favorite Food, New York City Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse, New York City Etc. Steakhouse, Teaneck The Urban Grill, Mexico City Red Heifer Steakhouse, Jerusalem Reserve Cut, New York City Citron & Rose, Philadelphia Basil Pizza, Brooklyn Milk Street Café, Boston Mocha Bleu, Teaneck Darna, Panama City Milt's BBQ, Chicago Gam Gam Kosher, Venice Tierra Sur, Los Angeles Java Café, Toronto & dozens more