Pirkei Avos - Weiss Edition

Pirkei Avos - Weiss Edition

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With a Blended Translation-Explanation. Living Lessons and Selected Insights and Stories.

The Weiss Edition - Living Lessons Pirkei Avos Connect to Pirkei Avos like never before!

A unique commentary blended into the translation conveys a meaningful message from every mishnah


Living Lessons: Real-life lessons for today Biography:

A brief account of each quoted Tanna's life Behind The Quote: A connection between a Tanna and his statement Story:

Short stories connected to the Mishnah Sparks:

Illuminating and inspiring thoughts on a Mishnah Connections:

How the ideas in Pirkei Avos relate to one another Did You Know? Interesting tidbits Word Power: Insights into specific words